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Sugar and Wheat Detox

So last week I seriously got back on the wagon and unfortunately after a summer of eating oodles and oodles of junk food I’m now having to detox from all that sugar and grain.

Withdrawing for the white stuff (sugar and processed flours) feels just as bad a withdrawing from a drug (I am a reformed smoker).  Your body becomes so addicted to it, one little taste makes you want more and when you don’t have it your energy levels drop and you feel grumpy and lethargic.  It takes time for the cravings to go away, but eventually they do start to fade and you begin to really feel the positive effects of a clean food lifestyle.  Sadly you first have to feel crappy before you can feel good.

I’m in the rough stages, but I know there is a light at the end of the two week tunnel.  In the meantime I’ve been sticking to my guns and using hot water with cocoa and a wee bit of stevia to ward off any crazy sugar cravings. It always seems to do the trick.

Already enjoying having the time to experiment in my kitchen with grain free, dairy free and sugar free recipes.  I love fall!

How do you ward off your sugar cravings?


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Look out Jack, Tiff is back!

It’s been too long.  Wayyy tooooo long.  This summer I buried myself in work. I buried myself in work so much I didn’t workout more than two days a week and I didn’t eat more than 3 meals a day (and trust me they weren’t healthy and I have the gut to prove it.)

Regardless, work is slowing down, but my body and mind have shut down.  I feel and look terrible.  But what can I say, I have done nothing good for my body and mind this summer.  The body needs rest and nourishment and the mind needs relaxation, so what did I expect would happen.

There have been many times over the last few months that I have said, I’m going to clean up my act, I’m going to get my shit back together, but to date I haven’t been successful.

I must admit I’ve been making myself feel guilty over dropping the ball this summer, but it’s really hard to get motivated on an empty tank.

Alas, it’s time for NO MORE EXCUSES, time to change and evaluate why and how I let things get out of control and take the necessary steps to avoid setbacks next summer.

  1. Be Prepared: I should have known this because it’s the girl guide motto and I was a girl guide for 12 years. The first thing I will do to ensure my diet succeeds next summer is become my grandmother and stock pile a freezer full of food.  I wish I had a photo of her freezer to post on this blog, however instead I will describe it to you. Imagine a deep freeze filled with little labelled meals in recycled containers, enough meals to feed two people for probably 3 months (cooking instructions attached). My super grandma somehow manages to always have these meals so that when she doesn’t feel like cooking she just warms something up.  Well next summer I’m going to have this, so when times get tough, I don’t eat hot dogs!
  2. Set SMART Goals: The R in smart goals stands for realistic, but I often times don’t set realistic expectations of myself.  I always want to do everything and expect to not have to compromise anything.  Usually it’s my relationships and mental health that suffer.  I must remember I’m a super woman not superwoman.

    Now what’s in store for the fall!

    First and foremost I need to eat clean. Tomorrow I’m going back on the Paleo diet for two straight weeks.  After those two weeks, I go back on the off season diet my coach would like me to be on. Paleo eating everyday, with one treat meal.  This treat meal must be high carb so that my metabolism stays good and healthy.

    Secondly, get my ass back into the gym four days a week

    Three, spend Sunday’s at home watching football with the love of my life and food prepping for the week.  I love R&R especially when it’s paired with making yummy delicious healthy food.

    So there you have it folks.  There is my start to what is going to be an amazing fall.  The plan is to pick up where I left off last June.  Start prepping for my first fitness model show April 7th, 2012 (that’s only 199 days away).  I miss all my fellow blogging fitness gals.  Really looking forward to being back in the loop!



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