Little Miss Scatterbrain has been a bad little blogger!

27 Apr
Miss Scatterbrain

Miss Scatterbrain

I’ve been a bad little blogger (and by that I mean, I haven’t been blogging).  Life has just put me in a whirlwind the last few weeks, but this is a time of change.  It’s spring, some of my activities are coming to an end, some are starting up again and I’m switching job focus.  I’m looking forward to summer, hopefully it will get here soon.  The campground is opening up in three weeks and there is still ice on the lake, yipes!

Exciting Summertime prospects:
– Working at Sleepy G Farm and eating my CSA (Community  Supported Agriculture) –
-Turning 30 and being fabulous!
– Working full time at the Pass Lake Campground (not as much commuting and working 500m from home is so convenient)
– Completing my workouts outside, I’m such a fair weather person, I love being outside and soaking in the rays.

– Starting Contest Prep (yay June 20th can’t come soon enough)
– Visiting my best friend in Winnipeg
– The Toronto Pro Super Show

Furthermore, easing into summer I’ve decided I also want to start a cleanse.  I’m going to add some lemon water to my daily regiment and some dry brushing.  I’ll be interested to see what this does to my physique and energy levels.  Apparently both of these activities help cleanse the body of impurities and reduce cellulite.  Just another healthy activity to add to my list.

Now to explain what Little Miss Scatterbrain has to do with this.  I am little Miss Scatterbrain, I’m so busy and so absentminded I’m constantly losing track of my cellphone and car keys.  I turn 30 this June and my best friend gave me an early birthday present while I was in Winnipeg this past weekend.  It was perfect for me, a beautiful hand crafted necklace from Nelson, BC and a mug with Little Miss Scatterbain on the front.  I love it, it’s sooo ME.

Little Miss Scatterbrain

Little Miss Scatterbrain Mug

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One response to “Little Miss Scatterbrain has been a bad little blogger!

  1. allieksmith

    April 27, 2011 at 9:28 pm

    It would be sooo legit to work at a camp ground all summer! How lucky!! 🙂


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