Preparing for Easter

23 Apr

So after my treat meal hangover I seem to be on the mend.  For the last few days I have eaten regularly and every day I start to feel better.  Unfortunately this week has been full of stress, but lets quickly move over to the postive sid eof things.  At the end of the week of craziness is 4 days of no work, in Winnipeg, MB with family and friends…ahhhhh!  In preparation for Easter I had what seemed like a never ending list of to dos.  I thankfully got through them all, comprimising some sleep, drinking excess amounts of coffee, but food and workouts were not comprimised, whew!  Listed below is my pathetic attempt to log my diet.  I know I missed a few days along the line, but I may be forgiven as I am 7 weeks out from contest prep and counting.  I can afford a little slacking off now 😀  But once it’s got time I’m all business.

M1: 1 scoop of sunbutter and a banana
M2: Coconana eggs
M3: lean ground beef with oven roasted bell peppers
M4: lean ground beef
M5: 2 whole eggs with bacon and 1 sliced tomato
M6: steamed spinach with roasted bell peppers and pickerel

M1: pickerel and roasted bell peppers
M2: Coconana eggs – 4 eggs (2 yolk)
M3: pickerel and roasted bell peppers
M4: ground turkey and oven roasted bell peppers
M5: ground turkey and oven roasted bell peppers with avocado
M6: 4 whole hardboiled eggs with salsa

M1: sunbutter and a banana
M2: ground turkey with roasted peppers and 2 whole eggs
M3: ground turkey with roasted peppers and salsa
M4: 1 pepperette and 1 cocoa chili chicken breasts
M5: Paleo Pumpkin Pie

Travel to Winnipeg Day!  We slept 3 hours and then got up at 3:30am, made two pots of coffee and then hooked up a huge trailer to Wayne’s truck and hit the highway with two MG cars on a trailer to deliver to his uncle in Manitoba.  The goal was to get to Winnipeg by noon so that we could find a place to park this trailer and remove the cars.  Eating on this day was a little sketchy and greatly vegetable deprived as what would happen when we finally arrived in Winnipeg was not really planned.

M1: 1 scoop of protein powder with cinnamon & Paleo pumpkin pie
M2: 1 chicken breast with more Paleo pumpkin pie
M3: Chicken breast & V8
M4: We arrived in Winnipeg and sat at Wayne’s aunts house while they tried to get the cars off the trailer.  She offered cookies and bread (which I easily refused) while I ate chicken out of a baggie.  Later, I was then dropped off at Wayne’s uncle’s sister’s house without my cooler (thinking we would hook up shortly), turns out I would spend the whole day here and eat supper here as well.  There was nothing for me to eat other than some deer pepperettes and turkey, everything else was not clean, it was either carby, coated in some kind of gross sauce or sugar.  I ate my protein decorated some Ukranian Eggs, which was tons of fun and then anxiously awaited to be reunited with my cooler.
M5: protein powder with cinnamon and 1 chicken breast over spinach salad with peppers, zuchinni, tomatoes and avocado, drizzled with lemon juice.  I let out a sigh of relief.  Finally real food!!!! I was in heaven.  Then after not sleeping for almost 24 hours and having drank 2 pots of coffee over the course the day, finally, I got a good 8 hours of shut eye.

Happy Easter Everyone!

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One response to “Preparing for Easter

  1. allieksmith

    April 24, 2011 at 8:58 pm

    Happy Easter! Ahh 3 hours of sleep would KILL me but coffee does help 😉
    Have a great day!


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