Fitness Model Costume Ideas

07 Apr

I haven’t been weight training for long.  Like I said in previous posts, I was virtually inactive until I started running. When I was in my running streak, I did some “light” weight training, but I never increased muscle mass.

As soon as I started lifting heavy years later and realized, holy crap! it was actually possible for me to build arms like Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2 with hard work, I was hooked! .

Anyway, knowing that jumping into figure would be too unrealistic for a girl with long spindly legs like myself (I need more moooscles first!!!).  I decided I was going to compete in a bikini or fitness model competition. Originally I thought bikini would be the first place to start, but then I saw that the UFE organization had an event called Halloween Mayhem and if you were a fitness model competitor there was a costume round, I was sold!. Anyone that knows me knows that Halloween is my favourite holiday all of time.  I get excited about it like most people do about Christmas.  I honestly pull out the Halloween decorations as soon as the Labour Day weekend is over and then take them down at the end of November just before I pull out all of the Christmas stuff! Naturally since I love Halloween so much, I also love dressing up and going all out on costumes.

So the hunt for my perfect fitness model costume began (yes last year, I’m an over planner).  I wanted something classic, original, sexy and idenitifyable (if the judges can’t figure what you are, it’s not a good costume).

What was a going to be?  After hours upon hours of web browsing I had figured it out.  A fan of classic tattoos and pinup girls, I was going to be a classic pin up sailor.  I had even found a perfect costume online and what I loved even more about it was that it was personal.  What is the personal tie you ask?  One of my fav pastimes is highland dancing.  In highland dance there is a dance called the horn pipe.  The horn pipe is performed wearing a much less flattering sailor outfit with a little hat and has lots of cute little moves I could incorporate into my 3 point walk and pose routine.  I was so excited.

BUT THEN, dun, dun, dun…

I bought this month’s issue of Inside Fitness Magazine and there in print, nationally distributed, is the costume I had been planning to wear.  What is a girl to do?  Although the sailor idea is not unique, it had not been done yet in the UFE.  While I’m sure I wouldn’t be the first sailor in fitness modeling, the costume I planned to wear has now been seen by everyone in the industry nationwide, so it wouldn’t be new.  I would be the girl that copied the competitor in that issue of Inside Fitness Magazine, unacceptable.

Back to the drawing board I guess…It was an awesome idea.  Tempted to get it just for my collection of costumes.

Pin Up Sailor

Pin Up Sailor

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