Part #4

31 Mar

I’m one of those gung ho people.  So when I get into something I usually want to go balls out.  I have to be careful not to overtrain or over tax myself.  I have a hard time saying no when yet another committee would like my help.  It’s in my blood.

I come from a long generation of women doers.  My mom can’t sit still, her 80 year old mother can’t sit still and my great grandmother lived til 99 having never stopped going either.

Part of this struggle with this over enthusiasm is finding balance!  Learning to relax and take time to smell the roses.  After 4 years of literally running my ass off, fundraising, being a career woman, volunteering etc., I was starting to get burnt out and my fiancé was getting tired of only having a partner between 10pm and 6am.

I had some decisions to make.  Injury had already decided to end my running streak and I was about to make a ballsy career move.  I was going to give up a job I loved (but was really burning me out) and take a quieter job, close to home job working with my fiancé at his family business.  It was a win win situation, I would have less stress, work closer to home and be able to spend more time with the man I loved and together we could build our future.

I was a little lost as first with all the spare time and I was depressed from being physically run down (both from running injury and just general fatigue).  What made me feel worse was, I was injured and my fiancé started running and was getting in the best shape of his life.  I was insanely jealous!

It was time for me to stop feeling sorry for myself for not being able to run.   It was time for me to accept that maybe running was just not for me and I would have to find another athletic activity to focus on.  So I thought of what other activities I enjoyed the most and I immediately thought of dance.  First step, I signed up for highland dance lessons in the fall!

Second step, get into the gym, but not like I had done before with no direction, It was time to get serious.

Why did I suddenly want to get serious in the gym? 1. I had seen some breathtaking photos of a girl I knew in highschool who had completely transformed her body and now was a fitness rock star (p.s. She was second at the CBBF National Competition last year, holy crap that’s awesome) and 2. This same girl introduced me to Tosca Reno and Oxygen magazine.  Both made me for the first time in my life accept Clean Eating as a long term lifestyle and seeing all of the strong healthy looking women in the magazine inspired me so much.  I wanted so much to be physically strong!  If she could do it, I could right?  I sure was going to try.

Since then the idea has never left this brain it has just consumed me ever since.

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