Blast from the Past Part 2

27 Mar

There was a time in my life when I thought I didn’t deserve happiness (for a multitude of reasons).  I felt like the cards were dealt and I just had to deal with it.  I let my fears and anxieties control what I did and I over-analyzed everything to the point of death.  Thankfully one day I woke up and realized I couldn’t live in fear and worthlessness anymore.   I was allowing silly fears to hold me back and I was destined for more. It had to stop.

Stealing a title from a book, I started to feel the fear and do it anyway.  It was at that point in my life when I made a promise to myself, a promised that I would never allow anyone to make me compromise my values, goals or dreams (not anybody, not me, not my fear).  Here are some of the wonderful things that happened as a result of me giving my fear the finger (you know what finger, the middle one 🙂 )

  • Registered for ballet classes at 21.  Yes, after all these years, I had alway regretted dropping out of dance because of my fear of the stage.   Enough was enough I signed up for 2 ballet classes a week and got up on the stage for recital with girls half my aged and rocked it.
  • Trying Strange Foods: I started to have the attitude that you should try everything at least once.  Now I’m a trying new food connessieur.
  • Public Speaking: my first test being my maid of honour speech at my sister’s wedding.  I joined toastmaster’s to help me ease into public speaking and contrary to my previous fears, nobody laughed at me, I didn’t pass out or spontaneously combust and surprisingly everyone enjoyed it.  Including my sister who cried and never cries.  Mission accomplished.
  • Met the Man of my Dreams (who I married last year and someone I also might mention was the hottest guy in my college program *score*). Someone who loves and accepts me for who I am, helps me to accomplish all of my crazy goals in this life and supports me everyday.  He even accepts that I put my goals above housework, thankfully he always picks up the slack.  I love you babes and thank you for putting up with me.

    The most remarkable thing you can do in this life anything else is to let go of fear and never let it take you prisoner.  The fear and doubt is always there, but the key is whether or not you allow it to stop you from accomplishing your dreams.  Start dreaming ladies…because Part 3 is where I face my fear of the gym.



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One response to “Blast from the Past Part 2

  1. Donloree

    March 28, 2011 at 11:20 am

    I am dreaming with you! i can’t wait to conquer the fear of the gym with you in part 3. I love this!

    You rock.


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