Rough around the Edges

22 Mar

Today was a rough day.  I wasn’t in a bad mood, I actually felt fine, but I was rather lacking in the motivation department.  I think I needed my lazy Sunday to be a lazy weekend and Monday just came way to fast.  On top of that I have be fighting crazy food cravings all day.  On a funny note, I texted my trainer to ask him if it was common for fitness competitors to turn bat shit crazy after two months of contest prep.  Funny, he didn’t understand the saying at all, nor did he find humour in it, oops!  Do me not emotional/hormonal eat? Do they never think of attacking someone and stealing their food? Weird!  Anyhow I survived the day having done no damage other than consuming a minor amount of salt from eating a small portion salted sunflower seeds (harmless at this point).  Thank god I have a delicious breakfast waiting for me tomorrow morning.  What would I do without those delicious breakfasts!?!

Paleo Day Six
M1: 2 whole eggs and pulled pork
M2: 1 cup of blueberries and pulled pork
M3: pulled pork on a bed of salad greens
M4: 4 slices of bacon (it was way to salty, I must admit it wasn’t Paleo bacon).
M5: red cabbage and pulled pork
M6: a chicken breast dipped in dijon mustard with carrots and broccoli.

On a positive note, I have just finished knitting the main pair of my first fair isle socks, I’m about the start knitting the after thought heels.  I hope you finish them up in the next few days, photos to come 😀

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