Paleo Day 2

18 Mar

Paleo day two didn’t go as I thought it would.  I was all prepped with all the right food and excited about preparing and eating them.  I had read about kelp noodles and was super excited to try them out.  But after ate said noodle dish for lunch one of most annoying things happened, I got sour stomach!  Groan, and the acidy, hunger pain like feeling in my stomach made the rest of my afternoon difficult and comfy.  I tried eating foods that I thought would calm the storm happening in my belly, but nothing worked and unfortunately I had to suffer until 6pm when I could get home and make a cup of Yogi Ginger Tea (my go to gas and tummy issue fix).

M1: 4 eggs scrambled (2 yolk)
M2: chicken breast and 1 cup of blueberries (I never get sick of eating blueberries they are my most favourite fruit in the whole wide world and I happen to have 6 litres of them in the freezer [thank you dad for always finding the sweet blueberry picking spots])
M3: Kelp Noodle Dish: Sauteed garlic, ginger, carrots and red pepper, with kelp noodles, chicken breast and cold cucumber, topped with sesame seeds, nori and gluten free tamari.
M4: Sour stomach set in.  At first I thought, I might be hungry again, so I ate more of the noodle dish. 20 minutes later, I’m in agony.  What could be wrong?  Maybe there wasn’t enough fat in my lunch, so I ate 5 sundried tomatoes dripping olive oil (ok there is some fat), still, no dice.
M5: My belly aches though cooking suppper, I make some ginger tea to eat with dinner.  I eat moose meat in marinara sauce over steamed green beans.  My appetite is not good because of the pain, but I eat, because I know it’s time to eat (thankfully the beans and tomato sauce taste amazing). The ginger tea starts to work, pain goes away at first, but is followed by bloat…ugh.  I was thinking Paleo eating was going to make me feel less gassy, but no, obviously something I have consumed has upset me.  So now it’s time to for me to figure out what that is and eliminate it.
M6: 4 eggs soft boiled (2 yolk) with 2 cups of spinach steamed with balsamic vinegar and olive oil (one of my fav snacks, yes I’m a greens freak.  To me spinach with balsamic is a good substitute for sweets.

Mission for Paleo Day 3, work on figuring out what the evil food is and eliminate it, Terminator style (I’m armed with ginger tea!)

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