Has been busy in the Kitchen!

04 Mar

I generally cook two to three days a week.  Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays.  On these days I cook up oodles of food to last me through my busy workdays (yes, I’m crazy I work 7 days a week).

I’m especially excited about what I have cooking in the kitchen right now because I’m experimenting with some brilliant culinary ideas! Sunbutter chocolate cups (for Sunday’s cheat), sunbutter parsnip fries and dun dun dun, guacamole deviled eggs!  Even better, I’m taking photos!  So stay tuned tomorrow for the photographic results and recipes!

Today’s Eating:

M1: 1 scoop of protein powder
M2: bacon, eggs and fried onions
M3: chicken breast chili
M4: chicken breast chili
M5: chicken breast chili
M6: 4 guacamole deviled eggs and cucumbers.
M7: sunbutter parsnip fries, nom nom nom.

I’ve made the sunbutter fries oodles of times before! so I know they will be amazing.  I just finished gobbling the avocado deviled eggs and they were tasty, but I am convinced I can make them even better so I’m going to tweak the recipe before I post it.  Finally, the sunbutter cups, only my husband will know what those taste like, as least until Sunday. When I will devour them with great enthusiasm.

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