Happy Valentine’s Day to Me!

15 Feb
My Posing Shoes

My Posing Shoes

The last few days have been amazing!  Two things have happened that have gotten me so excited for this competition and brought be a little bit closer to feeling like “Yes!” this is going to happen.

One, my husband bought me my posing shoes for Valentine’s Day! <— Aren’t they gorgeous?!  They are so awesome, I can’t wait to prance around the house in them.  Now to make my posing match these fantabulous shoes!!!

Two,  I’ve been chatting back and forth with the woman who is making my posing suit (also another exciting venture) and through her facebook profile I found my twin!  Not actually my twin, but a stunningly gorgeous bikini model who has the exact same surgical scars and I do.

I have two surgical scars, one that appears to be a second belly button and a second which is a long cut along my pubic bone.  For the most part, you can’t see the large one, but the one that looks like a second belly button is very obvious.  I’ve always hated this scar, hid it, was self conscious of it and let it hold me back from wearing low rise jeans, or cute bikini’s.  But this year I decided to let that all go.  I really want to do this fitness thing and if I’m going to do it, I’m just going to have to let it hang out and be comfortable with it (or fake it).  It’s been quite liberating, but in the back of my mind I have this little voice telling me that is it going to keep me from being able to be successful, not!  I now know it won’t and I have the role model to prove it!

M1: 1 scoop of protein powder
M2: 1.2 c of oats, cinnamon, 4 eggs (2 yolks) and 1 apple pear
M3: chicken breast, diced tomatoes, jalapenos and chicken broth
M4: chicken breast, diced tomatoes, jalapenos and chicken broth
M5: 1 cup of cauliflower, carrots and parsnips with 4 chicken drumsticks
<— in between here I scooped 2 tbsps of ricotta cheese in my mouth with 3 sundried tomatoes.  I was starving all day.  All day I wanted to eat an hour after eating.  My stomach was just screaming.
M6: 1 can of tuna, 1 avocado and 1/2 cup of salsa

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