I can see the light!

11 Feb

I am approaching on my last weekend of work before I have a weekend off!  I’m so excited to have next weekend off.  Two of my highland dancing gal pal and I are driving to Minneapolis for a highland dance competition!  I can’t believe how the time has flown by, it seems like it was a month away just yesterday.  I’m really excited for this competition because I really bombed our local competition back in November.  I had too much coffee, was out of practice and I just had an off day.  I messed up all of the dances in one way or another and left feeling pretty crappy.  Every dancer apparently has a competition like this, I just didn’t think mine would come so soon.  I’m looking forward to doing my personal best in Minni and if I’m lucky maybe I’ll even place!

The Eating:

M1: 1 scoop of protein powder
M2: 1 pork loin chop and 1/2 an apple with cinnamon and raisins
M3: taco salad (no dressing, just olive oil) made with ground venison
M4: taco salad (no dressing, just olive oil)
M5: taco salad (no dressing, just olive oil)
M6: 2 Scheduled Cheat: 2 chocolate pumpkin muffins with butter and coffee!

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