The Good, the Bad and the Skunky!

30 Jan

The Eating (Jan 28th. 2011):
M1: 1 scoop of protein powder
M2: 1 whole grain cinnamon raisin scone and 4 slices of bacon
M3: 4 slices of bacon and steamed spinach
M4: 3 Chicken drumsticks & broccoli
M5: 3 Chicken drumsticks & spinach
M6: Scheduled Cheat: Burger, fries, M&M’s and handful of popcorn.  Tasted good, but didn’t feel great after.  There was definitely too much time between meal 5 & 6 and my eyes got bigger than my stomach.  Wayne and I worked late, the original plan was to go to a sit down dinner and a movie and I was going to eat a nice healthy salad.  Instead we grabbed fast food and ate it in the theatre.   Thank goodness Wayne has a large supply of Rolaids.

So prepping my food for the biathlon was not as successful as I had hoped.  Didn’t get to town early enough to buy groceries and tried to make due with what was in the house.  Successfully made the 3 bean chili with two beans (which I had to reserve for the pot luck), took moose sausages out of the freezer to thaw and made banana bread with the 4 brown bananas I had on the counter.  By the time this was done it was 1:00am and time to go to bed.  Obviously I had not been able to pack an adequate days worth of clean foods for the biathlon, so from 9:00am – 7:00pm I would be at the mercy of what food was provided.  I did however pack some sunbutter and half of the banana loaf in my ski bag.  So here it is!  Sorry Marc, there was unscheduled cheating this week.

M1: 1 scoop of protein
M2: 3 slices of whole grain banana bread with sunbutter
M3: 2 Smokies, one bun, The Bad!
M4: Safeway Cake (I promise, this was the worst part!) More Bad!
M5: Finally real food, dinner time! 1 large spinach, red cabbage and sprout salad with oil and balsamic vinegar with pull pork.  The Good!
M6: Chili with ground beef, good god real food is delicious.  The more I eat clean, the more I hate processed food.  Sure it can taste good from time to time, but it always makes you feel like shit. More Good!

The Skunky! My first biathlon was an experience!  Not only was it freaking cold! but I have learned that when cold and running through knee deep snow, I am highly uncoordinated.  My hands were completely frozen during the first sign change.  It was far to cold to take of my mitts and I most definitely lost my staple gun in the snow!  On top of that I had to ski backwards 4 times on the route for dropping targets, etc.  I was pretty proud of my skunk award!  But next year there will be a method to my sign changing madness, I’m going to actually train for this 😀

Peace Out!



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