Jan 27.2011

28 Jan

As I continue to browse photos from numerous competitions.  I begin to realize a few things.

1) I’m very drawn to jewel tone suits, especially ones in autumn colours.  I also know from experience that my colour palette is an autumn, because I have gold flecks in my blue/green/grey eyes, plus my skin has a yellowish undertone.
2) I prefer the shiny materials to the velvety materials.
3) I like monochromatic suits, versus the suits with dark material and a high contrasting bedazzle (like black material with silver crystals)

These are just a few personal preferences I think it’s good that I document, so that when I have my suit made, I can share my feelings with the designer.  Only fair since this will be the most expensive swimsuit I ever buy!

The Eating:
M1: Scoop of Protein Powder
M2: 4 pieces of bacon and a homemade cinnamon raisin scone with butter
M3: 1 can of tuna with pesto
M4:  3 chicken drumsticks with raw broccoli
M5: 2 chicken drumsticks with steamed broccoli
M6: salsa, eggs whites (6) and 1 whole avocado
M7: I was a little hungry still so I ate a quarter cup of low fat ricotta cheese with 3 sundried tomatoes and tea.

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