Jan 26.2011

27 Jan

I’ve been obsessed with thinking about my posing suit today.  I know, I’m out to lunch, my competition is in October!  but I’m a nerd and a over planner.  When I meet the lady who is making my suit in June (yes I already set up a meeting with her [and yes, she couldn’t believe how early I was calling her]) I want to have a narrowed down list of colours and crystal patterns in mind)  So I’ve been scavenging the web looking at different posing suit photos.  Anybody out there have any recommendations of places where I can look?

Now the Eating:

M1: forgot my protein powder at my parents house (which is about 55 km from my house) so I started out the day with 1 cup of cottage cheese instead of my recommended protein powder.
M2: homemade whole grain scones with raisins and sunflower seeds along with 4 hardboiled eggs (2 yolks)
M3: Chicken and half a cucumber (crap where was my fat!)
M4: Chicken and half a cucumber (crap where was my fat!)  I need to put some omega three’s in my purse
M5: Scheduled Cheat,  chicken fingers in creamy dill dip with a caesar salad!!! (made up for the fat missing from earlier!) Was sooo stuffed and my stomach felt like a rock! but it tasted sooo good.
M6: yogurt with pumpkin, cinnamon and a little stevia

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