Jan 25.2011

26 Jan

Now the eating!

M1: 1 scoop of protein powder
M2: 1 slice of french toast (cinnamon, four eggs [two yolks] and a pinch of splenda, which I will omit next time) & 1 cup of blueberries
M3: Pork Stew! again!
M4: 4 eggs scrambled (two yolks) with 1 avocado sliced and a scoop of salsa.  This was heavenly! I haven’t had avocado in a while and it’s time to bring it back into the repitoire.
M5: 2 cups of vegetable juice and 1 cup of cottage cheese (yikes stuck without food, so I made due!)
M6: 2 cups of vegetable juice and 1 chicken breast with 3 sundried tomatoes.

I went to bed later than usual, my stomach felt rather acidic.  I think this is due to the lack of real veggies in my evening eating.  Stayed up late cooking chicken breast and chopping veggies so I would be ready for Wednesday.  I also had to get my skis ready because this weekend is the Backwoods Biathlon.  I haven’t skied yet this year, so I’m super nervous about what I’ve got myself into, but this is supposed to be a fun event! and fun it will be!

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